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We develop projects aimed at the social and economic empowerment of individuals, communities and social exclusion groups.

Our projects are designed to develop people, communities and organizations with a view to their sustainability, dignity and resilience. All our projects have different target audiences, specific objectives and all are worked with our Passion!

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Sapana India Sapana India Projects in Maharasthra state in India, with the focus on developing low caste tribal communities who live without access to electricity, drinking water and basic sanitation. We are focused on awareness of topics such as gender equality and hygiene, in the implementation of appropriate solutions that improve the quality of life in their villages, and the creation and support of small businesses that promote their sustainability and dignity.
TLT - Talentos em Livre Trânsito Talentos em Livre Trânsito – “O Teu Talento em Movimento!”This is a 9 successive weeks’ program against unemployment, where we approach, together with the participants, subjects like self-reflection, self-motivation, increased self-esteem and empowerment to the definition of personal and professional goals for the search and/or job creation.
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Breaking Bars – Shakespeare This project takes place in the Linhó prison. Through a training program we seek to bridge the gap between the empowerment for employability, still in seclusion, and the monitoring at the release from prison. There will be an individualized supervision at the level of employability as employees or at their own job creation, reducing recidivism and thus contributing for their social inclusion.
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Powerty - Está nas tuas mãos!  is a project that seeks to awaken consciences for the types and effects of Poverty and also to empower excluded social communities in the areas of education, health, sustainability, environment and citizenship, boosting their development.

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