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We want to awaken “dormant consciences” to socially neglected themes and which purpose is to incite to action.

The Awakening movements are moments when every human being is confronted with issues and realities that challenge us emotionally and leave us out of our comfort zone. Through socio-cultural activities, the Awakening movement has the potential to sow and/or stimulate positive change towards a better world. For, transformation implies awareness.

Jagruthi Moov is our project of Awakening which means women in transformation in hindi. This movement addresses different themes, chosen on an annual basis and in accordance with the most pressing social needs in society.

  • Year 2012 – Unemployment
  • Year 2013 – Poverty
  • Year 2014 – Social Reintegration


Jagruthi 2012- Unemployment

Challenge to proactivity, dynamism and creativity by individual talent awareness, key to a job search more targeted and effective.

Jagruthi 2013 – Poverty

Awareness of the various profiles of Poverty and its consequences by promoting the pro-activity in seeking solutions.

Jagruthi 2013 - Social Reintegration

Awareness and promotion of the inclusion of people who, somehow, have paid with their most important rights, notably freedom, their worth to society.

If you want to know more, want to be part of it or have any suggestion, please contact us.